AI Tools Accessible to Anyone

Spot revolutionizes access to AI, delivering the essential tools to simplify and democratize the way you integrate machine learning in your daily life.

No-code workflow builder

All things AI, in a simple drag-and-drop experience

Spot allows you to build workflows and incorporate AI modules to help solve more complex tasks than simple workflows can

Data Manipulation
Live Databases
State-of-the-art models
Spot fine-tuned models
Deployable AI Assistants

Turn AI Workflows into Shareable Agents

Elevate efficiency by converting your AI workflows into agents that can be easily shared and utilized across your team

AI-search interfaces
AI assistant web interface
AI assistant on your slack and whatsapp
Seamless integrations

Native integrations with all your favorite tools

Automating workflows wouldn't work without integrations on your favourite productivity tools. We excel at doing that.

20+ integrations
Data enrichment
Seamless Data Sync Icon - Techflow X Webflow Template
Seamless data sync
Webhooks Icon - Techflow X Webflow Template