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10x Your Productivity with a Personal AI tool for any workflow, from Sales Automation to Email Streamlining and Custom News Summaries—all without coding.

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Empowering you to build your own AI Assistant

The power of an entire machine learning stack. Simplified

Deployable AI assistants 

Create Your AI Web App or Integrate with any messaging platform, tailored for your processes and accessible from anywhere.

No-code workflow builder

Empower state-of-the art AI models with the knowledge they need, exactly when they need it— by dynamically integrating your databases, websites, Notion, or any information source.

Seamless integration with your workspace

Effortlessly link your AI tool to databases, collaborative platforms, and workspace tools. Spot ensures a smooth and intuitive integration, enabling real-time access and interaction with your data wherever you work.


Accessible for beginners, robust for professionals.

Drag-and-drop customizable workflows

Use our drag-and-drop builder to create AI augmented workflows leveraging top models from any provider

AI assistants with your unique expertise  

Empower state-of-the art AI models with the expertise they need to execute your workflows - let them learn from your notion, slack, documents or even websites.

Share it with friends and teammates

Enhance teamwork by sharing your AI creations. With just a few clicks, empower friends and teammates by giving them access to your customized AI tools.

Your assistant, wherever you need it

Customize and access your AI solutions on the go. Whether it's through a dedicated web app or your favorite messaging service

Access all leading AI Models

Dive into the cutting-edge of AI technology with our platform, where the latest in text, image, and voice generation models from Mistral to Stable Diffusion are at your fingertips

Ready To Supercharge Your Team's Productivity With AI?


Boost your team's efficiency with custom AI tools
Designed for Your Workflow

For Sales Teams

Personalize emails using web and CRM data
Automated sales emails
Lead research and prioritization

For Tech teams

AI assistant trained on specific documentation
AI assistant for an internal database
Automated PR Reviewer

For Anyone

Automated Daily Audio News Digests
Automated email organization and prioritization
AI Assistant for any documental database